DigiTrax™ Brand Protection Technology

DigiTrax™ is a digitally connected product lifecycle solution that enables journey tracking, product authentication and engagement, facilitating full control across all areas of your brand protection operation.

Using any smartphone model, DigiTrax™ can authenticate products with a unique physical product tag to gain visibility to product origin, geo-location of product authentication scans, and other important supply chain related activities. This product data is collected and aggregated into our secure database providing actionable insights via customized reports.


Journey Tracking

Electronically track and trace each individual product and identify its exact location throughout the supply chain for enhanced security and operations management.

Digital Authentication

Allow customers and inspectors to scan products and check authenticity simply and in real time.

Consumer Engagement

Unique codes allow consumers to check product authenticity and engage with the brand for storytelling, rewards, loyalty programs, promotions, product instructions, cross-selling and up-selling.

Analytics & Insight

Useful, user-friendly data and information is available in real time as well as for audit and compliance purposes.

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Why Make DigiTrax™ Part Of Your Brand Protection Program?

Difficult to reproduce

  • Tag features a unique, one-of-a-kind encrypted fingerprint along with variable 2D code


User friendly

  • Can be used with any smartphone model
  • No need to download a separate app
  • Requires no proprietary device and minimal training

Instant in-field product authentication

  • Empowers brand owners, inspectors and consumers
  • Enables continued consumer engagement after authentication


Geo-locate detection of falsified or diverted goods

  • Provides instant transparency throughout the product supply chain

How DigiTrax™ Fits into your Complete Brand Protection Solution


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