AXIS Data Management for Fuel Marking

Business Intelligence for Action

We understand how important it is to have data that’s understandable, trusted, visible, accessible, optimized for use and interoperable. That’s why we’ve continually invested in enhancing our robust information and data management platform – to provide customers the business intelligence needed to achieve their strategic fuel authentication and quality goals.

The Authentix Information System (AXIS®) is fully customizable to meet customer specific business rules with an ability to forecast and detect trends and provide real-time reporting.

This cloud-based platform leverages integrated software applications to collect, analyze and report on fuel marking, sampling, analysis, and case management activities to present data-driven, actionable insights for a successful fuel authentication program. These applications allow the mobile user to replace standard handwritten forms and can even interact with our analyzers and detectors to record sampling and testing results.

The following applications are currently utilized in our Fuel Integrity Programs.


  • Fuel Marking Manager (FMM)

    Manages all fuel marking operations at fuel loading facilities, providing marking verification documentation prior to the marked fuel entering the supply chain.

  • Field Sample Manager (FSM)

    Guides the operations and data collection of testing events to ensure consistent results.

  • Marker Inventory Management (MIMS)

    Provides visibility into fuel marker inventory and movement through the supply chain by delivering a track and trace platform.

  • AXIS Forms

    Allows the creation of mobile forms with rules, validation, workflow and activity tracking without writing software code.

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