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Authentix Announces Jewel Accredited & Certified Partners for Banknote Security and Authentication

ADDISON, Texas, Dec. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Authentix®, a leading global authentication and information services company, is pleased to announce that five currency industry organizations have completed the Jewel Certification program. Jewel Certification enables industry suppliers to become more familiar with the design and incorporation of Jewel into the banknote. As part of the process Authentix transfers best practices in the handling, use and quality checks of the feature. Support for a trial to demonstrate incorporation into the ink, varnish, substrate, or finished banknote is also provided.

Jewel is a complete Level Three security platform involving proprietary materials, QC equipment, and specialized sensors to be used by the Central Bank for confirming the presence and correct response of the feature. Jewel is characterized by its high security, durability and ease of incorporation via a wide range of implementation options. Jewel is in use by several leading Central Banks and has been developed in response to the Central Bank’s need to dis-aggregate their supply chain in order to have more options as they strive for highly secure and cost effective currency designs.

“Central Banks increasingly want choice and to build best of breed solutions to stay ahead of counterfeiting threats,” says Tim Driscoll, General Manager of Authentix’s Currency & Tax Stamp Business. “Authentix has partnered with six of the most respected names in banknote substrates, inks, design and printing. Central Banks are assured of continuity and choice when selecting Authentix Jewel.”

Accredited and certified partners include respected names in banknote security such as Landqart AG, PNO Global, Royal Joh. Enschedé and Arjowiggins Security. Authentix will continue to grow the partner program in both size and offerings.

Although Authentix will support all industry suppliers in meeting a Central Bank’s specification for the incorporation of Jewel, Certified partners are uniquely positioned to support the Central Bank’s needs with established competency in print trials and marketing the offering.

About Authentix:
Authentix, a leading global authentication and information services company, assists customers in combating illicit trade and managing the integrity of their global supply chains. With comprehensive end-to-end authentication solutions we help protect currencies for many leading central banks as well as help safeguard customers in refined fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel, lubes, and LPG) and branded products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and spirits industries) from counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, and adulteration.

Headquartered in Addison, Texas USA, Authentix, Inc. has offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Africa serving clients worldwide. For more information, visit


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