Solutions-Based Approach

Authentix—providing fully-integrated solutions, not just single point technology

More than just a simple technology supplier, Authentix is unique in providing fully-integrated solutions that enable manufacturers to protect their products in the ever more complex supply and distribution chains. This beginning-to-end approach is a competitive differentiator for Authentix. Beginning with consultation to evaluate each client’s issues and program selection, to technology application, program management and field monitoring services, our comprehensive approach ensures full supply chain security and product authentication.

Included in Authentix’ range of solution offerings are:

  • Product Authentication: In-Product & On-Package
  • Program Management
  • Currency Solutions: Authentication, Fitness, Comprehensive Systems
  • Excise Tax Recovery
  • Consultation: Risk Analysis & Solutions Design

To assist with this process, we have a range of authentication and banknote processing tools to help clients define their strategy and quantify the commercial outcome that they seek. As you would expect from the global leader in authentication, we have extensive experience in managing testing programs for clients to ensure that our authentication solutions deliver the desired commercial returns. In addition, our proprietary program management techniques ensure that an effective chain of evidence is maintained to assist with remediation through a Court of Law, where required.