Program Management

Authentix—experienced at providing effective program management, regardless of program size

The design, implementation and management of a brand security or excise tax recovery program can present significant challenges for most clients, particularly through lack of specialist knowledge or a dedicated resource. Authentix aims to resolve such conflicts by providing customers with proven program management experience. From managing country-wide fuel tax recovery programs to item-level serialization programs, Authentix provides programs that are:

  • Effective and sustainable
  • Deliver quantifiable benefits
  • Avoid disruption to your core business activities

With our in-depth knowledge, Authentix’ industry domain experts are involved from the outset in the initial solution design. Thereafter, Authentix manages the entire process including:

  • Application engineering to ensure that the brand protection and tax recovery program is customized to your unique circumstances
  • Solution installation, including any hardware and software that may be required
  • Security auditing to ensure the integrity of all materials and processes
  • Field testing and inspection to maintain the integrity of the product and its distribution
  • Management reporting, to ensure that you can track the benefits of the program

In summary, Authentix provides a turnkey service with the convenience of a one-stop-shop. We are not simply a supplier—we are an accountable partner dedicated to delivering your brand protection and excise tax recovery goals.