Solutions & Services

Authentix—offering a solutions-based approach for brand protection, supply chain security and banknote security


Authentix provides the most comprehensive authentication solutions and services within the brand security industry. More than just a technology provider, we are unique in the industry in providing fully integrated solutions that enable manufacturers to protect their products in the ever-complex supply and distribution chains. This beginning-to-end approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Each client solution is custom designed and integrated for their unique circumstances whether it’s for brand security, product traceability, excise tax recovery or banknote processing. These solutions are created based on a wealth of industry knowledge and subject matter expertise, including Innovative nano-scale engineering, proven program management experience, industry-leading authentication traceability expertise and cutting-edge banknote sensor knowledge. Despite our depth of experience, we never forget our guiding principle—our clients do not have technology needs, they have commercial problems which technology may help solve.

The following pages provide a brief overview of the solutions and services that may be included in our authentication, tracking and banknote security and processing solutions. In order to preserve the security and integrity of client programs, the solutions listed within this section are not thoroughly detailed. To learn more about how our solutions and services can help your business needs, contact us.