Oil & Gas

Authentix—bringing advanced technology to bear in combatting fuel fraud


The oil and gas industry is of critical concern for nations across the globe, providing both the fuel that drives transport and global distribution and the excise tax revenues that sustain governments and support national economies. But fuel adulteration, commingling, smuggling, franchise abuse and excise tax evasion pose serious threats to the revenues of governments and energy companies worldwide. Estimates place the losses in revenue from these illegal practices near $100 billion per year to governments and private companies. With such large revenues at risk, the integrity of the fuel supply and efficiency of fuel tax collection is of vital importance.

With over 20 years of experience in fuel marking programs, Authentix has a proven track record of designing and implementing effective programs that consistently generate significant and rapid returns on investment—frequently within months of the program implementation. Our fuel marking programs help clients quickly ascertain whether fuel is being sold illegally or being adulterated. These programs are built on a foundation of extensive fuel industry expertise which enables Authentix to accurately analyze distribution, identify and quantify areas of abuse. The company’s experts then design and install sustainable solutions, support ongoing programs that ensure compliance and maintain supply chain integrity.

The comprehensive fuel marking programs involve:

  • Proprietary markers—added to fuel or adulterants at parts per billion levels
  • Proprietary analyzers—with options suitable for rapid field testing or forensic laboratory analysis
  • Complete program management capabilities—including data management and reporting via AXIS, our proprietary web-based data management system

Using a layered suite of markers that can only be detected with proprietary analyzers, this unique approach ensures that Authentix provides our clients with unparalleled fuel supply chain integrity and the highest level of protection possible. Governments, oil marketing companies, as well as fuels and lubricants name brands have all benefited from Authentix fuel marking programs.