Military Applications

Authentix — providing advanced technology solutions for military security applications


Protecting ”assets” is not limited to commercial goods. Military security agencies require advanced technologies to facilitate such needs as munitions marking, asset tracking, bomb damage information, covert target marking and identification of friend or foe. In addition, these agencies face serious issues with supply chain security and the diversion of everything from fuel to food.

Authentix provides military and security agencies with a range of advanced technologies to assist with the following needs: 

  • Track, Trace & Locate (TTL)
  • Clandestine Operations
  • Explosives Tagging and Information Recovery
  • Targeting and Target Marking
  • Verifying Credentials and Securing Documents
  • Fuel Marking

Authentix is a trusted partner of national governments. Specifically, in the field of military authentication applications, Authentix works with government agencies to provide advanced solutions that protect people and goods as well as identify criminal activity. Our military solutions provide covert identification of allies and marked objects of interest, protection from IED threats, help prevent friendly fire accidents, and a wide-variety of covert applications tailored for use by Special Forces.