Military Applications Solutions

Authentix — providing advanced technology security solutions for military and law enforcement agencies

Military and law enforcement agencies are faced with an increasingly sophisticated enemy. In order to combat this enemy, advanced technologies are required. Authentix’ Military security applications includes a range of technologies which can assist with the following:

Track, Trace & Locate (TTL)

Tracking adversarial movements throughout the world proves to be one of the major tasks in stopping the spread of terroristic and criminal activities. Authentix partners with Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement agencies to provide covert marking and surveillance of personnel and assets as well as develop counter-surveillance technologies in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

Clandestine Operations

Authentix Military solutions are ideally suited for mission-specific applications where covert features are required. Marking route information, target/personnel identification, covert communications, tamper evident applications, illuminating small areas of interest in the infrared for targeting purposes, identifying documents of interest or currency and covert guidance systems for aircraft are just a few of the possibilities.

Explosives Tagging and Information Recovery

Our specialty markers are manufactured to withstand the force of high-performance energetic explosives, allowing the source of the explosive to be determined in either pre- or post-detonation situations where Bomb Damage Assessment or confirmation of destruction may be required.

Targeting and Target Marking

Authentix markers can be utilized for delivering covert markers to a target that has been identified for engagement. The identification of these markers can provide a means for friendly personnel to clear a target area before it is destroyed.  Covert target marking increases targeting accuracy while reducing the likelihood of misidentified targets.  Authentix markers can be delivered to targets by various military delivery systems.

Verifying Credentials and Securing Documents

Authentix employs a variety of overt and covert authentication solutions for documents and credentials. With them, agencies can significantly reduce the threat from individuals seeking classified information or illegal identification.

Fuel Marking

Authentix can provide the military with the ability to mark its fuels with unique chemical trace markers or signatures that do not impact the performance of the fuel or equipment. Issues such as product diversion, mixing or blending of low-quality fuels, adulteration, and outright theft can be addressed through a comprehensive fuel marking program.