Excise Tax Recovery

Digital Tax Stamp System


Authentix provides tax stamp platforms customizable to suit any country or state’s needs for tax collection on spirits. Our digital print-on-demand solution provides the highest level of security enabling encryption of key data on the stamp, or even straight to the bottle itself, to facilitate easy field enforcement. Optionally, a pre-printed traceable stamp system can be used in certain situations where appropriate. Authentix systems facilitate the association of supply chain information with the stamp and permits detailed supply chain monitoring.

Digital Tax Stamp Solution

Authentix offers the next generation solution for spirits tax revenue management and recovery. This unique system enables tax collection authorities to collect tax revenues effectively and track the status of legally issued stamps electronically.

This print-on-demand solution brings tax indicia into the digital era by eliminating the need for expensive and vulnerable inventories of printed stamps while providing real-time auditing and immediate cash retrieval. This solution significantly improves security and operational efficiency of tax stamp production, distribution and monitoring.

With the Authentix digital tax stamp solution, product manufacturers, distributors or licensees can print, authenticate, and report tax stamp consumption electronically. Additionally, law enforcement authorities can authenticate the digital stamps and verify the embedded information on the stamps in the field via simple-to-use and secure handheld readers.

These high-tech systems combine the latest in security technologies, sophisticated encryption technologies and secure e-commerce services. This solution provides the ability to track items through the distribution chain from point-of-origin to the point-of-sale.