Product Traceability

Authentix—Leadership in pharmaceutical traceability and supply chain security

Brand owners are besieged today with the growing threats of product theft, product diversion, and product counterfeiting. In addition, companies are seeking to ensure patient safety and limit the scope of product recalls. To solve these issues, Authentix offers a range of track and trace, serialization and field monitoring solutions, including CATS— an all-in-one system that allows for complete visibility of all transactions at any point in supply chain and seamlessly integrates with existing client processes.


Comprehensive Authentication Traceability System (CATS)

The Authentix Comprehensive Authentication Traceability System (CATS) is a fully integrated beginning-to-end product oversight system for asset protection and risk management. This system provides complete visibility into upstream and downstream supply chains, helps maintain supply chain integrity, and manages risk for brand owners by combining item-level serialization, authentication and traceability together in a single offering.

CATS is a beginning-to-end product oversight system that provides secure tracking throughout the product life cycle from raw materials to the point of sale. This system can be utilized on an endless array of products from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to beauty products, spirits, tobacco products or any consumer goods to ensure supply chain security.

Featuring a fully integrated system utilizing advanced authentication technologies and state-of-the-art SaaS architecture applications compatible with existing client ERP and WHM systems, CATS provides authentication, serialization and traceability—all from a single source. The system also features extensive exception handling capability to ensure data integrity and the ability to trace serialized and non-serialized products.

With CATS, Authentix is the first to provide the following offerings from a single source:

  • Authentication: Physical (product) authentication via best in class covert and overt marking and Digital (data) authentication via state of the art secured communication and certified electronic document validation
  • Serialization: Item-level serialization and data aggregation via the creation of parent-child relationship at higher levels of product packaging (i.e. bundle, case, pallets)
  • Traceability: Software & data management for complete visibility of products and raw materials throughout the supply chain in near real time