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Authentix—providing authentication solutions to brand owners for the prevention of diversion and counterfeiting


Brand owners are besieged with the growing threats of counterfeiting, diversion, and product theft. Current estimates place the total costs of illicit trade at 5-7% of world trade. With ever increasingly complex supply and distribution chains, brand owners have the need to verify a product is authentic—that it was manufactured by the actual brand owner, or it was manufactured with the brand owner’s authorization—and distributed by the authorized channel partners. In essence, brand owners seek to secure their supply chains and limit the scope of product recalls while ensuring consumer safety.

Authentix provides the most comprehensive authentication solutions within the brand security industry. We are unique in the industry in providing fully integrated solutions that enable manufacturers to guarantee product authentication. This beginning-to-end approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Authentix provides brand owners with a means to effectively authenticate goods being sold throughout all points in the supply and distribution chains.