Welcome to Authentix

Authentix provides excise tax recovery, brand protection, supply chain security, product authentication, banknote authentication and banknote fitness solutions to governments, Fortune 500 companies and Central Banks around the world. Authentix helps safeguard clients in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, spirits, tobacco, consumer goods, and agrochemical industries from issues including counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, smuggling and adulteration. In addition, we help protect the currencies for many leading central banks.

Innovative nano-scale technology, proven program management experience, industry-leading authentication expertise and cutting-edge banknote sensor knowledge help Authentix create effective customized solutions that address each client’s needs.

To date, Authentix has helped recover US$billions in lost sales and tax revenue for our clients. This success has ensured that we are a trusted partner of the world’s leading brand owners and governments. Operating exclusively as a security solutions provider, we work under the strictest confidentiality to ensure the protection of our client’s applications and the sustainability of our solutions.